Dcode42 Commits to Pay Equity Along with 40+ Major Companies

Today, Dcode42 joined over 40 new companies signing the White House Equal Pay Pledge, signaling its commitment to closing the national gender pay gap and ensuring equal pay.

“We believe that all businesses, large and small, have an important role to play in erasing the gender wage gap and ensuring equal pay for equal work,” said Dcode42 Founder Meagan Metzger. “We are committed to equality as both smart business practice and the right thing to do.”

White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett explained, “inequality in the workforce doesn’t just adversely affect women; it affects our families and our broader economy. As President Obama says, “When women succeed, America succeeds.” That’s why today’s announcement is a great step in the right direction and the Obama Administration applauds companies making this commitment to advance equal pay.”

As part of its commitment, Dcode42 has pledged to implement pay equity policies and hold itself accountable for pay equity. Participation in the Equal Pay Pledge is an opportunity to join with other companies in publicly expressing a commitment to equality in the workplace as well as strengthen its commitment to diversity.


About the White House Equal Pay Pledge

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was the first piece of legislation President Obama signed into law. Policies that ensure fair pay for all Americans and that help businesses attract the strongest talent can not only narrow the gender pay gap, but also boost productivity and benefit our economy. Yet, the typical woman working full-time all year in the United States only earns 80 percent of what a typical man working full-time all year earns. While the gap has narrowed slightly over the past few years, there is much more work to be done to ensure fair pay for all.

Building on the Administration’s numerous actions to close the national pay gap, the White House challenged businesses to take the Equal Pay Pledge. Several U.S. private sector companies have come together in support of advancing equal pay.

For more information, visit www.whitehouse.gov.


About Dcode42

Dcode42’s mission is to accelerate innovation into the federal government by serving as a connector between startup communities, midsized companies, systems integrators, major partners in the federal ecosystem, and the US government. The accelerator program provides technology companies with the skills and resources they need to enter the federal space, making it faster, easier and less costly to enter the market and succeed over the long term. For more information, visit www.dcode42.com.